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Tasty collection of Instant Soups.
Every sip is drool worthy.

1. Tomato Soup Powder (Thick premium)

2. Tomato Soup Powder (Clear)

3. Tomato Soup Powder (No Onion No Garlic)

8. Creamy Soup Base

9. Mun Chow Soup Powder

10. Veg Broth: 
(Aromat Seasoning)
(With MSG)

4. Hot corn Soup

5. Palak Soup Powder

11. Veg Broth: 
(Aromat Seasoning)
(Without MSG)

6. Mix Veg Soup 

7. Karela Soup Powder

Standard Packaging:

1 kg laminated pouch

Master carton: 1 kg X 25 = 25 kgs Net weight


We are open to customisation of product/packaging /private labels for larger orders. Please contact us for further discussion.

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